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Delivery is via instant download, as soon as you have paid via PayPal, you are re-directed to a web page, on this web page you will find .pdf files to download.  I suggest you save this web page as an internet favourite, because once you open up a .pdf file you need to use the back buttons to go back to this page, if you close your .pdf document you will loose your download page.  So saving the download page to your favourites will allow you to be able to view and print at your leisure without any chance of loosing your download page.  This form of delivery is instant and free, so you can order last minute!


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If for some reason you were not re-directed to the download page (we rely on PayPal to re-direct you after payment) don’t panic we always confirm your order with an email as soon as possible (usually within a few hours of your purchase during working hours), this email confirmation will have a web page link at the top of the page  to enable you to re-connect to your download.  (These email confirmations are sent to your PayPal email address—so please make sure your PayPal email address is your current e-mail address.)  Or just email us and we will send you the link. kidsmysteryparties@hotmail.com stating your purchase number and the Easter Egg Hunt code.


Our Easter eggs hunts are played all around the world, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, NZ, Hong Kong, Ireland, France, Italy, Germany and Spain and other European Countries and we have many satisfied customers.


These Easter Egg Hunts are for private use, if you would like to use an Easter Egg Hunt in a commercial venture (i.e. charge for people to attend or charge for entertainment services) please enquire about a commercial licence.  Please see our terms and conditions.

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